Caribbean Sea Life

Caribbean Sea Life
Caribbean Sea and the Coral Reef: The Caribean reef is ancient. It is a rainforest of the sea. Coral Reefs around the world are dying. Coral reefs are made by tiny plant-like coral animals. Use these cards with younger students to do picture-picture matching or word-word matching. Reading students can read the sentences. Elementary students can match the definition card to the photo cards with the name or without the name. They can use the who am I cards with the photo cards and check them with the definition cards. This is a favorite in the early childhood and elementary classroom.

Caribbean Sea Life - Laminated
Discover the wonders of the Caribbean Sea and its inhabitants. Subjects include great barracuda, reef shark, squid, moray eel, stingray, starfish, sea horse, spiny lobster, white anemome, parrotfish, hawksbill turtle, blue tang, queen triggerfish, porcupine fish, bottle-nosed dolphin and cuttlefish. Early Childhood uses the matching photo and sentence cards. Elementary uses the photo, sentence, story and who am I cards. 16 SUBJECTS, 80 CARDS
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