World Classification Card PDF Materials - Elementary

World Amphibian Cards Elementary PDF Cards
This PDF includes 24 Photo Cards and 7 Continent Cards; 4 Amphibians per continent, excluding Antarctica. (Science-Vertebrates-Amphibians)

"The Cape ghost frog has sticky pads on its feet. It climbs steep rocks." "The bullfrog has webbed toes. Males croak at night. Females lay eggs."
World Birds Elementary - PDF
Includes 42 Plastic Cards, 4 x 2.5 inches: 35 photo and 7 continent cards; 5 birds per continent. (Science-Vertebrate-Birds)

"The emu is the national bird for Australia. It is a nomad that follows seasonal rainfall.""Carmine bee-eaters fly headfirst into riverbanks to make a nest. They live in Tanzania."
World Fish Elementary - PDF
This PDF Download includes 28 photo cards and 7 continent labels. The elementary includes an additional 28 double-sided STORY-QUESTION CARDS. .
World Mammals Elementary - PDF
Includes 42 photo cards: 35 photo-sentence cards and 7 continent labels; 5 mammals per continent. (Science-Vertebrates-Mammals)

"The elephant feeds on leaves and bark. Herds walk single file in a line." "The beaver makes a dam to protect its lodge. The beaver has a flat tail." "The gorilla is a vegetarian. It forages for plants. It lives in family groups."

World People 1 PDF
Celebrate the cultural diversity of our world! Mayans live in the rural highlands of Guatemala. The Sami herd reindeer north of the Arctic Circle. Melanesians live in tribes in the Solomon Islands. This work introduces native and original people. The story cards include information on how and where they live; and how are they treated by others. Student match country flags to people and then read their story. Questions on the back of the story card can be answered.

There are 55 cards. There are 24 photo cards, 24 story/questions cards and 7 continent label cards. Africa 1: Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Zimbabwe. Asia 1: Burma, China, Indonesia and Thailand. Europe 1: Greece, Norway, Russia and Spain.Oceania 1: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands. North America 1: Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, United States. South America: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru.
World Reptiles Elementary - PDF
This PDF Download includes 42 Photo Cards, 7 Continent Labels, and 5 classification labels; 7 Reptiles per continent, excludes Antartica. .
World Sacred Places Elementary - PDF
This PDF Download includes 25 photo cards and 7 continent labels. The elementary includes an additional 25 double-sided STORY-QUESTION CARDS. .
World Transportation Elementary - PDF
This PDF Download includes 45 photo cards and 3 continent labels; 15 vehicles for land, 15 vehicles for air and 15 vehicles for water.