World Land and Water Cards for 7 Continents

Discover natural and manmade geographic land forms. Includes Mount Fuji, Carlsbad Caverns, an inselberg, Uluru, Panama Canal, Seine River, Mono Lake, Yangshou Mountains, Villarica Volcano, the Dry Valleys and more.

WLW  Early Childhood - Plastic Cards
Plastic Card Material for 3-6 year olds. All 7 Continents Included, 112 Cards.

We recommend you use one continent at a time or place cards in continent unit folders or boxes. This work Includes 14 photo-word cards, 1 land card and 1 water card for each continent.

Students sort 14 photos for each continent and place them under land and water labels for each continent.
WLW Elementary - Plastic Cards
Plastic Card for the ELEMENTARY. This material includes 112 cards and land and water continent labels for each continent. Use each continent separately.