World People Cards

World People Cards
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Product Description

Celebrate the cultural diversity of our world. Students match photo cards of people to the continent label card. Some read the name and the sentences. Work has 55 cards, 24 photo cards, 24 story/question cards (a resource for early childhood teachers) and 7 continent cards. There are 4 subjects for each continent. Samples include: Mayan live in the rural highlands of Guatemala. The Sami herd reindeer. Melanesians live in tribes in the Solomon Islands.

For early childhood classrooms use the photo and continent cards. For elementary classrooms use the photo, continent and definition cards.

Countries included are: Africa 1: Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Zimbabwe. Asia 1: Burma, China, Indonesia and Thailand. Europe 1: Greece, Norway, Russia and Spain.Oceania 1: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands. North America 1: Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, United States. South America: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru.