World Bird Cards

Introduction birds from around the world. Primary and Elementary Versions available. Students group birds by continent. They read the sentences.

This material has 42 Cards: 7 continent cards and 35 photo cards; (5 Birds per continent).

Try the World Bird Blackline Master Book to extend the card work. It includes name tracing, parts of books, dot-to-dots, sentences and who am I's.

World Birds Early Childhood - Laminated
LAMINATED EARLY CHILDHOOD material has 42 cards. It includes 7 continent cards and 35 Photo Cards (5 Birds for each continent). Cornered cards are 4" x 2 1/2". Photo cards include simple sentences. "The jabiru has a black neck." "The kookabura sits in a gum tree."
World Birds Elementary - Laminated
LAMINATED ELEMENTARY material has 42 cards. They include 7 Continent Cards and 35 Photo/Sentence Cards- 5 Birds per continent. Cornered cards are 4" x 2 1/2" and feature sentences. "The hummingbird can fly fast and hover. It builds its nest out of lichen, moss and spider webs."