World People 1 PDF

World People 1 PDF
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Celebrate the cultural diversity of our world! Mayans live in the rural highlands of Guatemala. The Sami herd reindeer north of the Arctic Circle. Melanesians live in tribes in the Solomon Islands. This work introduces native and original people. The story cards include information on how and where they live; and how are they treated by others. Student match country flags to people and then read their story. Questions on the back of the story card can be answered.

There are 55 cards. There are 24 photo cards, 24 story/questions cards and 7 continent label cards. Africa 1: Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Zimbabwe. Asia 1: Burma, China, Indonesia and Thailand. Europe 1: Greece, Norway, Russia and Spain.Oceania 1: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands. North America 1: Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, United States. South America: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru.