Tree Cards

Introduce one of the biggest plants on the earth with the study of trees. Deciduous and evergreen work is great for fall. World Tree Cards are good all year, as a staple on the geography shelf. Students love to read the simple sentences and pick out their favorite tree.

"One child said, Do you know that trees are the very biggest things on the earth that really grow. And you can talk to them. They listen."

About Trees- Deciduous and Evergreen
Deciduous & Evergreen Trees Sorting - Plastic Cards
This is a great work for the Early Childhood and Elementary classroom. Use it with the study of trees or the changes in the seasons. Students sort 14 tree photo cards under deciduous or evergreen labels. They check their work with the photo control card. Teachers and students can read the sentences on each card to learn about photosynthesis. Good for one student or many!