Beautiful HandWriting Blackline Books

Beautiful HandWriting Blackline Books
Writing exercises engage the brain and help children focus. Students use markers to trace over shaded numbers, letters and words with great awareness and joy. They trace, then copy, then compose. The Beautiful Handwriting Method has been used for over 20 years.

"Having oppotunitites to write with different materials helps motivate children to write and build fine motor skills." Greer & Lockman 1998

"This writing method promotes independence while students practice and perfect their skills at their own pace within a sequenced curriculum. The children exhibit a great sense of accomplishment and joy." AMI teacher

Cursive, D'Nealian and Print tracer sheets make it easy to set up a sequenced writing area in your classroom. Instructions are included.

Choose tracer sheets and dividers if you already have the backline books.

Choose tracer sheets, dividers and backline books for the complete curriculum.

There are two options for each starter set. One version has 15 sheets of each page and the other has 30 sheets of each pages. Starter sets are pictured in baskets.
Contains the following 7 Handwriting books: 1. Pattern 2. Letter 3. Greeting Cards 4. Number 5. Picture Word 6. Calendar 7. ME Basic Writing

"The act of putting it down forces one to focus on what's important. It helps you think better. A recent study concluded that students learn better when they take notes by hand than when typing them. Writing by hand allows the student to process a lecture's content and reframe it. This is a process of reflection and manipulation that can lead to better understand the memory encoding."
Geography, Basic, Rhyming, Song, Quantities, and Cutting & Coloring
Continent, Farm, Sports, Space, Math Operations, and Peace
Human Anatomy, Pet, Trees, and Antarctic
Student Writing Books
These small books are designed for children to do their work in. They can do a few pages and keep them in their cubbies for another day. They can move through them at their own pace. Use these with students as a review. Give out these books after students have used the writing basket work from the shelf. These are a review of that work. I can see who has correct formation and what they need reinforcement on. Parents love getting these little books home. They can see the progress their child has made. Some public schools that are not able to make copies for the writing baskets use these books for students.