Cave Formations
When teaching land, air and water include underground landscapes! Caves are formed by the forces of erosion. Carbonic acid in water dissolves rock and forms cave passages and unusual mineral formations. Caves cover 10% of the earth and occur in temperate, tropical, alpine and polar biomes. They are called Karst landscapes.

About 1/4th of the world's people depend on water supplied by karst areas. Human encroachment and pollution are affecting underground regions.

The Early Childhood version has 8 subjects and 32 cards. "This is a great material when introducing land. Our students are fascinated with it! That and your volcano cards." AMS teacher in Cincinnati

The elementary version currently is as pictured. It includes matching cards if you need them as well as a name, definition and who am I card.

This elementary material is being updated and reformatted. Coming soon!
Deciduous & Evergreen Trees
This material is for Early childhood and Elementary classrooms. Students sort 14 tree photo cards under a photo word label. They check their work with the photo control card. Students can read the sentences on each card to learn about photosynthesis. Good for one student or many!
Caribbean Sea Life
Caribbean Sea and the Coral Reef: The Caribean reef is ancient. It is a rainforest of the sea. Coral Reefs around the world are dying. Coral reefs are made by tiny plant-like coral animals. Use these cards with younger students to do picture-picture matching or word-word matching. Reading students can read the sentences. Elementary students can match the definition card to the photo cards with the name or without the name. They can use the who am I cards with the photo cards and check them with the definition cards. This is a favorite in the early childhood and elementary classroom.
Space Nomenclature includes 2 materials to introduce students to objects in space. Space One includes celestial objects in the universe. Space Two includes celestial and man-made objects in space. Early childhood cards include the traditional 3-part card (control, photo and word) and a sentence card. Elementary cards include a spiral bound book, a photo card, definition card and who am I card. Try the PDF version for space. It includes both Primary and Elementary versions!
Sponges & Corals
Discover Life In The Shallow, Warm Seas of the Caribbean Sea Coral Reef. The reef is ancient. It has been called the rainforest of the sea. Coral reefs are made by tiny plant-like coral animals. Pollution, disease and rising sea water temperatures are killing reefs around the world.
Volcanic Eruptions
GREAT LAND WORK! Volcanoes erupt! Craters form! Lava flows on the land, in the sea and on the sea floor. Subjects include cinder cone, crater, devastated forest, eruption, lava bubble, lava flow, lava fountains, lava lake, lava trees, lava tube, marine lava flow, steam vents, submarine lava flow and vent. Early Childhood version includes 3-part cards and sentences. Elementary version includes a double-sided photo-text card and 2 part text cards. Text includes definition and who am I cards. 14 SUBJECTS, 56 CARDS.
Vertebrate Grouping
Laminated - Plastic Cards - Classroom Ready!

30 Cards: 20 Photo-Sentence Animal Cards, 5 Photo Control Cards, 5 Characteristics Cards.
Weather 1 Cards - Download
Basic introduction to weather. Includes clouds, fog, frost, hail, lightning, rain, rainbow, snow, sunny, windy weather. Includes 3 part photo nomenclature and sentence cards! Print, cut and laminate!
Weather Cards - Plastic Cards
Basic introduction to weather. Includes clouds, fog, frost, hail, lightning, rain, rainbow, snow, sun and wind. Laminated, cornered cardstock cards. Includes 3 part photo nomenclature and sentence cards.
Ocean Deep Zone Life
Ocean Deep Zone Life Early Childhood and Elementary Versions, Photos for Display, Name and Sentence Cards The deep ocean begins at a depth of 600 feet down to 30,000 feet down to the bottom. It is dark and cold. No plants grow down here. Some fish have big eyes and some animals have glowing bodies. Food materials sink from above or rise from hydrothermal vents.
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Basic introduction to weather. Includes blizzard, cyclone, dust devil, flood, forest fire, hurricane, sand storm, smog, snowstorm, tornado. Plastic Cards 3 part photo nomenclature and sentence cards.