Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic Eruptions
GREAT LAND WORK! Volcanoes erupt! Craters form! Lava flows on the land, in the sea and on the sea floor. Subjects include cinder cone, crater, devastated forest, eruption, lava bubble, lava flow, lava fountains, lava lake, lava trees, lava tube, marine lava flow, steam vents, submarine lava flow and vent. Early Childhood version includes 3-part cards and sentences. Elementary version includes a double-sided photo-text card and 2 part text cards. Text includes definition and who am I cards. 14 SUBJECTS, 56 CARDS.

Volcanoes Early Childhood - Laminated Plastic Cards
8 SUBJECTS - 8 photo-word control cards, 8 photo cards, 8 word cards, 8 sentence cards.
New Picture Coming - 8 SUBJECTS: Plastic Card Material comes shelf ready! Includes one double sided photo/text card and one definition and one who am I for each subject. Manufactured in the United States.