Space Nomenclature includes 2 materials to introduce students to objects in space. Space One includes celestial objects in the universe. Space Two includes celestial and man-made objects in space. Early childhood cards include the traditional 3-part card (control, photo and word) and a sentence card. Elementary cards include a spiral bound book, a photo card, definition card and who am I card. Try the PDF version for space. It includes both Primary and Elementary versions!

Space One
Space One - The Final Frontier - Celestial Space Objects 8 Subjects/32 Cards include asteroid belt, comet, galaxy, meteor, moon, planet, star and sun. Primary version includes 3-part cards & sentence cards. The Elementary version includes a two sided photo/text control card, definition and who am i cards.
Space Two
Space Two includes astronaut, eclipse, gas cloud, impact crater, Magellanic cloud, satellite, space shuttle and Trifid Nebula. This work includes 8 subjects and 32 cards. Primary version includes 3-part cards plus sentence cards. Elementary version includes control booklet, photo cards, definition and who am I cards. The unlaminated version is cut and cornered but needs to be laminated and if for the elementary version bound into a booklet.
Space Writing
Available in Print, Cursive and Denealian books or pdfs. Students trace or copy the names and defining sentences for objects found in space. They can make a Sun, Mercury and Comet Parts Of Book and Phases of the Moon work. Space writing is an extension of Laughing Star Space 1 and Space 2 Nomenclature Cards. Subjects from Space 1 include stars, sun, moon, planet, galaxy, comet, asteroid belt and meteorite. Subjects from Space 2 include astronaut, eclipse, impact crater, gas clouds, space shuttle, Trifid nebula, satellite and Magellanic Cloud. Students can diagram the sentences with grammar stamps or symbols. 24 pages Also available as a PDF.