Fish Cards for the Early Childhood and Elementary Classroom

Most of the fish in World Fish live in freshwater (lakes, rivers, ponds). Several return to the ocean to spawn. The fish from Antarctica are saltwater fish living in the Southern Ocean. There are not freshwater species on the continent.

Early Childhood includes 28 photo cards and 7 continent cards. Elementary includes an additional 28 double-sided Story-Question Cards. All cards are 4 x 2.5 inches.

Sort and Group: Place photo cards under the continent cards. Read the sentences! Or use for What's Missing or Memory. Journal work: draw the picture and copy the sentence. Add grammar symbols. (Science-Vertebrates-Fish)

World Fish Early Childhood Plastic Cards
Includes 35 Cards: 28 Photo Cards and 7 Continent Cards. (Science-Vertebrates-Fish)

"The Nile perch is a big fish." The red-bellied piranha has sharp teeth." "Bumblebee goby swim in rivers in Asia."
World Fish Elementary Plastic Cards
Includes 63 Cards: 28 Photo Cards, 7 Continent Cards and 28 Sentence Question Cards. (Science-Vertebrates-Fish)

"Tooth fish feed under the pack ice." Murray Cod are carnivores." "African jewelfish eat bugs."