World Mammal Ecology Classification Cards English

Students classify mammals under the continent cards. Early Childhood cards have one simple sentence. The elementary cards have 2 or 3 sentences. Includes 42 cards (7 continent symbol labels and 35 photo cards. The World Mammal Writing Book is used as an extension. Students can trace or copy names and sentences or make parts of books or answer who am I's. It is also available as a PDF.

World Mammal Early Childhood - LAMINATED
"The manatee has flippers." "The Siberian tiger sits." "The cheetah runs fast."
World Mammals Elementary - LAMINATED
"The panda is endangered. There are about 1000 left in the wild and 60 in zoos."

"The red deer sits. It feeds on leaves, twigs, nuts, shoots and lichen."
World Mammals Elementary - PDF
Explore common, unusual and endangered mammals in their natural environment with this PDF DOWNLOAD. This material includes 42 photo cards and 7 continent labels; 6 mammals per continent.

World Mammal Cards Early Childhood PDF